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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'd call that a bargain

I am looking at an ad for A Lakeland TImes type Anti-DNR screed. The ad's main "shocking" selling point is that "Every Man, Woman, and Child" pays 109 dollars to support the DNR.

Wouldn't that be a great headliner for someone writing a pro-DNR book? I had no idea that was all it cost to safeguard the incredible Natural Resources we have in Wisconsin.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hurray for Boulder Junction!

Boulder Junction keeps the bike trail growing! This extension will tie resorts, residential areas, and businesses north and west of the town to the "Heart of the North" trail. And eventually, they will be the connecting links to Manitowish Waters, Land O Lakes, and Presque Isle.

"Is it near that Bike Trail?" is going to be heard by every resort and motel owner in Vilas and Oneida County.

Ford MyKey helps control speed, noise

So a key can help parents slow their kids down and keep the volume lower.

Why don't insurance companies offer a discount for ANYONE agreeing to use a key like this?

Better yet: If we want to immediately cut down on the use of foreign oil, save lives, and reduce green house gases, why not a federal mandate for a key that keeps speeds down to 65?