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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

We took the shot we had to take

Lots of folks who pretend to know better argue that we shouldn't have gone for a recall.   I think it was the shot we had, and the shot we had to take.  

Balloon Juice regular  DougJ   said it best:

Wisconsin Democrats took a pretty good run at Walker. They came up short, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Maybe recall elections are a trickier vehicle than we thought.
Doesn’t mean it’s time to retreat back into Vichy mode.
This seems right to me.   Lots of voters don't like recalls-and our side didn't win the battle of explaining why a recall was both constitutional and appropriate.   But more than that, it is crazy to think that just lying down and accepting the loss of bargaining rights (along with all of the other ALEC stuff coming down the pike) would have hurt us less than losing this election.

The only flaw in the recall was that it challenged our energy away from the protests.   People can't let this happen during and after the next Presidential election.  We need to work very hard for President Obama's reelection, but regardless of who wins, we will need to show up in the streets.