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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Q: What did these Wisconsin Governors have in common?

Gaylord Nelson (D 2 terms)
John Reynolds (D)
Warren Knowles (R 3 terms)
Patrick Lucy (D)
Martin Schreiber (D)
Lee Sherman Dreyfus (R)
Tony Earl (D)
Tommy Thomson (R-3.5 terms)
Scott McCallum  (R)
Jim Doyle (D)

A: None of them tried to abolish collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Face it Wisconsin

The DNC is just not that into us...

Crapping up Wisconsin, cont...

This has been making the rounds:

As reported in Lodi Valley News, Walker has hired Texan Dr. James Kroll to serve as Wisconsin’s “deer czar,” a position that gives Kroll considerable power over Wisconsin’s deer management policy. Kroll is an outspoken proponent of game farms, and an opponent of public lands and public game management, which he is on record as describing as “the last bastion of communism.”
The public lands Kroll despises include the state parks, state and national forests, and other publicly held property that hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites—particularly in the northern part of the state—rely on for deer hunting. Hunters on public land may be surprised to discover that Walker regards their annual trek into a state forest as a radical left wing activity akin to marching in a May Day parade in Red Square. But so it is.
Actually, Dr. Kroll is quite correct that hunting on public land is a socialist activity.   In the same way that breathing the public air and looking at public sunsets are socialist activities.

That being said,  it is doubtful that the people who pull Scott Walker's strings would really advocate privatizing all public hunting lands.  

 Most likely, The Deer Czar will work with (Secretary of Dismantling the DNR) Cathy Stepp in order to gut regulations on vanity cage hunts game farms,  privatize management rights to State forests, and sell off selected areas of those forests for private preserves for the kind of folks who contribute to Republican campaigns.