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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Cloak of silence!

What if we  could place "cloaks of silence" around roadways?  Wouldn't we create an incredible amount of wealth in property around those roadways?

Green cars and noise pollution

Eric Leech lays out something that doesn't get written about enough-how electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles might impact noise pollution....

It may be that electric cars are too quiet, in fact, and we will need to find a way to make them noisy enough to be safe.   I would be in favor of that, as part of an overall strategy to reduce unnecessary vehicle noise, especially after-market exhausts (which also must be a hazard to the visually impaired-if a motorcycle with a blaring exhaust is nearby, how do they hear car traffic?) 

Driving (mostly) 55: results...

I blogged several weeks ago about my decision to drive 60 miles an hour.     In northern Wisconsin, where the actual speed limit is usually 55, I stick to 55.    On my last fill up, I was surprised to see the gas milage on my little blue 94 Prizm go up to 40 MPG.   That seems too good to be true, for a car that got around 30 mpg before I started paying attention.   Is this typical?   I will test the results again this week.  

I can't be preachy about what people should do to reduce their energy use-I put a lot of miles on my cars.    But I think everyone should do something, and I am just offering my experience with an energy saver that every driver could employ with little difficulty.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars?

Honda sells a nominal few in California.  Certainly not a short term solution-the location of hydrogen filling stations being the problem.  But the bigger question is whether we can make hydrogen in an energy efficient way. 

In the meantime, driving 60 miles an hour and easing off on the gas pedal is something that everyone can do right now to help fight global warming and use less energy.