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Friday, May 30, 2008


Studying the impact of human noise on the planet.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Practicing what I preach...

For the past month, I have been driving no faster than 60 miles an hour.  It can be done!  I was afraid there would be a lot of obscene gestures directed my way, especially on highway 41 between OshKosh and Green Bay.  But, actually, it was fine.  I noticed I actually had a more relaxed ride, my car stereo sounded better (less road and wind noise), and the needle on my gas tank went down more slowly.    

The price of gas can't really be a serious problem for anyone who chooses to drive fast.     

Friday, May 02, 2008

The simplest way to reduce automobile deaths

Speaking of cars:

There is a very simple way our country could reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions,  lower traffic fatalities, and cut insurance rates-install governors on all cars to reduce speeds to 60 mph.   It would take a little longer to get places-but from a utilitarian point of view, the benefits outweighs the inconvenience by a long shot.

Cars cause a kind of a great insanity, though-people who couldn't care less about other government intrusions on our freedom and privacy become irate at the idea of controlling how fast we can drive.

Do we really want to drive anymore? alert...

From time to time, I pass on news related to the progress towards a self-driving car.     Volvo will move us closer to that goal by developing a car that "takes over" before a crash happens. (click on the above link)

We really don't want to drive anymore.  We want to text message, manage our fantasy football leagues, and do tequila shots while we watch the scenery pass by.  Cars that drive themselves will be safer,  more efficient, and better for the environment.  

The technology will soon be there. The only thing holding us back will be the desire to "take charge" behind a wheel-a desire that is 99% sales myth.   Driving, properly and ethically done, is a bore.  People who want to play behind the wheel will go to special race tracks or play interactive video games, where there is no limit to the kinds of tracks you can have.