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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Quiet Hunting...

Wouldn't it be nice if quiet hunters could post their conquests in the Lakeland Times-holding the moment of silence by the gills like a trophy for all to see, before they tossed it back to nature?
If so, I could show you the great catch I made on Sunday, out north of our house, skiing along an old logging trail.  
It has been two years since I saw the markings that this area is going to be logged-enough time for me to grow used to the fact.  I can only hope they will leave the best of the beautiful white pine alone.
Growing up, there were no cross country ski trails,so following logging roads was the sport.  The idea is: Go as far as you can breaking a trail, then enjoy the glide on the way back.  The next day, you can take your already groomed trail out to explore new territory.  
     I like the forgotten feel of old logging roads.    They combine the solitude of a wild place with the mystery of the passing of time.  
   On this Sunday in March, there were few snowmobilers out there, so there were many moments I could stop and wait for my breath to slow, and my thoughts to slow, so I could notice how quiet it was.  It was a perfect day.  Make a note of it: Sundays in March are good days for quiet hunting in Vilas County.     


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Keeping tabs: net sources you should be reading


When I began Quietnorth in 2005, there was no blogging going on in the Vilas-Oneida neck of the north woods, and little in the way of unbiased environmental reporting.  NewsoftheNorth houses a nice handful of blogs, some great local interest reporting, and a badly needed source for environmental reporting.